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EnvisiWeb, our creative website design and hosting services, will help you envision a website that embodies everything you want to convey about your business, your product, your service, your event, your family or yourself.  Then we'll build it for you ... (more)

LaunchEdge, our highly specialized boutique marketing consultancy, helps small to mid-sized companies develop and implement effective strategies and plans for launching, marketing and selling new products and services.  Using our tools helps ensure that you've exploited every opportunity to garner positive market coverage and increase customer acceptance ... (more)
Consulting Group
The Soak Up Travel website series provides insightful destination guides and travel links for people who view every voyage they make as a cultural and sensory escapade ... (more)
Travel Group
Lifestyle Group
The Soak Up Living website series offers links to fascinating knowledge about a variety of topics related to living an enriched, diverse and exciting life. General topic areas include culture, style, indulgences, home, relationships and  sports & leisure ... (more)
Retail Group
Our retail-oriented businesses include the Elysa Bijoux jewelry and acessories site (with style guide), the Palazza line of home furnishings, Whizmos electronics,  Flower Occasion, and specialized boutiques like Sorority Bling ... (more)
Wine & Cuisine Group
The Epicurean Circle dinner club brings people with discerning likes together to discuss the opinions of their tastebuds.  Bacchus and Me offers a zany guide to the world of wine for perpetually young-at-heart adults. Gourmet Maven offers delectable food and wine choices.Singles and Wine brings together, well, singles and wine.  And if you've ever wished you could seriously Soak Up Chocolate ... (more)
Fashion & Home Group
This fun and eclectic collection of businesses is where E Clark inc got its start.  Ranging from handcrafted accessories, to Palazza home  décor, to fashionable attire from online retailers, to advice on knitting yourself an exquisite scarf on Knit Smitten, fashion divas and those with an eagle eye for unique jewelry or home accents are sure to find something they adore ... (more)
Networking Group
With the vision of combining the efficiency of technology with the traditional fun of meaningful eye contact, Hotspot Singles came to life. A focus on lifestyle compatibility mixed in with a healthy dose of chemistry will help two people find their Better Halves.  And what could be more fun than Singles and Wine or Singles and Beer?   Singles and Music? ... (more)
Community Services
We are in the process of establishing two non-profit organizations called Community Grant and God Grant Us, both of which were inspired by meeting the Grant family in the Astrodome following Katrina.

The websites, and will launch in mid-2006 ... (more)
EnvisiNet, our affiliate marketing program engagement consulting services, will help you build links to a powerful network of on-line partners who are ready to augment your product lines or service offerings in ways you have never envisioned before ... (more)

Nventit, our idea incubation services, will give you the tools to bring your idea to market. Through a unique, patented 5-step process, we will help you develop your idea, protect your intellectual property, start your company (if you don't have one), determine how to productize your idea, and then help you develop an effective operations, marketing and sales plan ..... (more)

E Clark inc's divisions include the Consulting Group, Travel Group, Lifestyle Group, Retail Group, Wine & Cuisine Group, Fashion & Home Group, Networking Group and Community Services.